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    • Ultra Bright LEDs – Our lights can illuminate your grill on even the darkest of nights. Never again will you have to worry about undercooked meat. With our BBQ grill light attached, it’s like barbecuing during the day. Perfect for those long summer nights when you just want to keep on grilling!
    • Heat & Water Resistant – Made from durable ABS plastic, our lights are built to withstand the intense heat of the grill and designed to keep working whatever the weather.
    • Simple Installation – The unit can be assembled and installed in seconds. Simply insert the batteries provided, attached the light to your desired surface using the adjustable screw clamp and you’re good to go.
    • Versatile – While it’s perfect for lighting up your grill as the nights draw in, it’s also extremely versatile. The adjustable screw clamp lets your attach the light to almost anything, providing you with ultra-bright illumination.
    • Warranty Information: We guarantee the Anear BBQ Grill Light for a lifetime of normal use.

The Anear BBQ Grill Light is your new assistant for barbecuing after dark on those hot summer’s nights. It’ll take your grilling to the next level!

10 Ultra Bright LEDs – Turn night into day with the some of the brightest and most efficient LEDs on the market. Don’t let a dark night get in the way of a great barbecue with friends and family.
Innovative Swivel Head – The head of the light can be swivelled to point in any direction to illuminate even the darkest of corners.
Heat & Water Resistant – The light can handle the intense heat of any grill and anything the elements throw at it. Nothing will stop you grilling!
Touch Sensor Power Switch – Designed for simplicity and ease of use.
Durable – The last BBQ Grill Light you’ll ever need! You’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Who doesn’t love to barbecue? There’s nothing better! With the Anear BBQ Grill Light you can keep cooking under the stars on those warm summer nights. Keep the party going without worrying about undercooked meat or cooking accidents. Our light will keep your hands free and illuminate the entire grilling surface of your barbecue.

The Anear BBQ Grill Light will be the last one you ever need!
Warranty Information: We guarantee the Anear BBQ Grill Light for a lifetime of normal use.

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